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Shipping To PortugalInternational Shipping To Portugal

In order to aid you in moving to Portugal we have gathered customs information. We advise you to carefully review the information relating to moving to Portugal. You may find more up to date information at your local consulate or embassy. Please note, customs regulations are subject to change at any time. GEM Relocations cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance.


Documentation Required
  1. Passport (original)
  2. "Certificado de Bagagem" issued by Portuguese Consulate
  3. Inventory (in Portuguese, consularized and in duplicate and signed and dated by the customer)
  4. If motor vehicles are included in shipment, they should also be listed on the inventory
  5. Valued inventory (for Customs purposes)
  6. Serial number of major electrical appliances
  7. "Atestado do Residen?ia" (proof of entitlement to reside in Portugal)
  8. Either Deed to property owned by customer, Work Permit or a Permanent Residence Permit
  9. Declaration of ownership of goods, signed by the customer and witnessed by a Notary Public stating goods are the customers own possessions
Customs Regulations
  2. Shipment must arrive within 90 days of customers arrival and normally within 120 days of issue of the "Certificado de Bagagem"
  3. Only one shipment allowed without special permit
  4. If more than one shipment, detailed inventory must be submitted for each with the first shipment
  5. If shipment originates from more than one place, separate inventory must be submitted for each
  6. All shipments must be cleared through same Customs office
  7. Household goods must correspond in quantity to the social standing of the customer
Dutiable and Restricted Items
  1. New items (less than six months old) or items not showing obvious signs of use (do not pack in manufacturer's cartons)
  2. Electrical appliances and electronic items must be shown on the inventory with make, serial number, etc.
  3. Tobacco products
  4. Antiques
  5. Above items should be loaded near container doors for easy access by Customs
  6. A reasonable quantity of wine and spirits in a household goods import equivalent to the contents of a normal domestic wine rack and cocktail cabinet
Prohibited Items
  1. Firearms, weapons and ammunition (up to a caliber of 7.62mm requires a special permit, anything over is prohibited)
  2. Drugs and narcotics
  3. Pornographic material
  4. Gold in bars
  5. Perishable foodstuff
  6. Alcohol
  7. Games of chance
Motor Vehicles
  1. Vehicles that have been in possession of the shipper for at least six (6) months can be imported. Duty and tax will be applied on all cars. The duty and tax rates vary based on year, make, model, and engine size. The duty and tax rates are very high.
  2. Documentation needed
    • Original registration
    • Title
    • International driver's license
    • Insurance document
Animals and Pets
  1. Certificate of Health issued by a veterinarian no more than four weeks prior to the date of entry of the pet in Portugal
Shipping To Portugal
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