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Shipping To NetherlandsInternational Shipping To Netherlands

In order to aid you in moving to Netherlands we have gathered customs information. We advise you to carefully review the information relating to moving to Netherlands. You may find more up to date information at your local consulate or embassy. Please note, customs regulations are subject to change at any time. GEM Relocations cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance.


Documentation Required
  1. Passport (copy of pages 1-10)
  2. Work Contract (copy)
  3. Certificate of Residence
  4. Residence Agreement (Rental or Purchase Contract)
  5. Request for Import Permit -- ALL anticipated SHIPMENTS (including AUTO) MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL PETITION. IMPORT PERMIT is granted ONLY ONCE.
  6. Application for Exemption from import duties
  7. For Customer coming from NON-EUROPEAN COMMUNITY countries:
  8. Form is provided by Destination Agent
  9. Original form of registration in Customer's new hometown
  10. Statement from employer
  11. Inventory (five copies) detailed and signed by the Customer must be legible and show:
  12. Contents of all cartons (PBO "packed by owner" and MISC. "miscellaneous", not acceptable)
  13. APPLIANCE make, model and serial number
  14. AUTO (or other motor vehicle) make, model, etc.
Customs Regulations
  1. Used household goods and personal effects are duty-free provided:
  2. The Customer has lived outside the Netherlands for at least 12 months (six months if previous residence was within the European Community)
  3. Customer is transferring his principal residence to the Netherlands
  4. The goods have been used for at least 12 months (six months if being imported within the European Community) prior to import
  5. The goods are not sold or lent for at least 12 months (six months if being imported within the European Community) after importation
  6. The goods are in accordance with the social status of the Customer
  7. Re-importation of used household goods within one year requires special documents for duty-free import
  8. If Customer is not staying in the Netherlands for a minimum of 12 months, bond will have to be posted for duties and taxes
Dutiable and Restricted Items
  1. New items (letter than six months old)
  2. Alcohol and tobacco products (provide detailed description)
  3. Electrical appliances
  4. Foodstuff
  5. Antiques and Works of Art
  6. All weapons and ammunition are subject to special license and registration documents issued by the Police
  7. If weapons are included with the household goods shipment, customer must be present for Customs clearance
  8. Medicine (doctor prescription required, otherwise prohibited)
  9. Precious metal objects (authorization from the "Kantoor Waarborg")
Prohibited Items
  1. Drugs and narcotics
  2. All species of cactuses and orchids
  3. Explosives
  4. CB radios
  5. Meat products
  6. Products made from endangered or threatened exotic animals
Motor Vehicles
  1. Customer's presence at Customs Office is required to sign papers of exemption for Customs clearance
  2. Duty-free if owned and used by Customer for six months or more and included in original request for Import Permit
  3. Auto is not to be sold for at least one year after Customs clearance in the Netherlands
  4. Keys must be available
  5. Documents required:
  6. Original Registration Card
  7. Purchase Invoice
  8. International Liability Insurance Card (Green Card)
  9. Title
  10. Copy of Customer's Passport (pages 1-10)
  11. Copy of Lease or deed of residence
  12. Dutch Registration
  13. Copy of Work Contract
  14. Original Form of Registration in Customer's new hometown
Animals and Pets
  1. Customer's presence at Customs clearance is required
  2. Health Certificate and Certificate of Rabies Vaccination required
  3. Quarantine may be necessary
Shipping To Netherlands
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