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In order to aid you in moving to Hungary we have gathered customs information. We advise you to carefully review the information relating to moving to Hungary. You may find more up to date information at your local consulate or embassy. Please note, customs regulations are subject to change at any time. GEM Relocations cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance.


Documentation Required
  1. Foreign Citizens working in Hungary, employed by a Hungarian company:
  2. All documents must be in Hungarian
  3. Original Bank Guarantee (special document from the employing firms bank)
  4. Visa for long period of stay in Hungary (from Hungarian Embassy)
  5. Passport (copy)
  6. Residence Permit (original) - To be issued in Hungary in advance
  7. Copy of rental or buying contract
  8. Work Permit (original) - To be issued in Hungary in advance
  9. Inventory - itemized, valued, dated, signed and in Hungarian. List brand names and serial numbers of all electronic equipment
  10. Photographs of any paintings or antiques
  11. Power of Attorney (original with two witnesses signatures and in Hungarian)
  12. Letter from Customer authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment
  13. Guarantee Letter from Customer's employer stating they will pay duties if Customer sells the imported items or does not export these items
  14. Letter from client's employer in Hungary or client's residence
  15. Returning Hungarian Citizens:
  16. Inventory in Hungarian (list brand names and serial numbers of electrical appliances)
  17. Photographs of any paintings or antiques
Customs Regulation
  1. Used household goods and personal effects are duty-free for:
  2. Foreign citizens employed by Hungarian company, provided their Hungarian Residence Permit is valid
  3. Diplomats, provided a Certificate is acquired by the related Embassy
  4. Returning Hungarian citizens may import household goods and personal items duty-free depending on how long they have lived out of Hungary
  5. Plants may be imported if accompanied with a health certificate
  6. Goods imported into the country must be exported on departure; they may not be sold or given away
  7. Customs clearance is a lengthy process and may take several days. Only temporary clearance is performed at time of arrival and final clearance can be done at residence a few months later. This will result in additional charges.
  8. Medicines need a doctor's written confirmation that it is necessary to the treatment of the customer
Dutiable and Restricted Items
  1. Wine and spirits
Duty Limits
  1. 1 litre of alcohol - like whisky, gin, vodka, etc.
  2. 1 litre of wine
  3. 5 litre of beer
  4. Tobacco
  5. Tea, coffee, cocoa and all kinds of spices except for paprika powder
  6. Perfume
Prohibited Items
  1. Pornographic material
  2. Explosives
  3. Radio Transmitters
  4. Drugs
Motor Vehicles
  1. Vehicles can be imported duty-free if equipped with a catalysator on a temporary basis as long as the Customer's Hungarian Residence Permit is valid
  2. Vehicles four (4) years old or older can not be imported unless they pass an environmental examination (cost billed to Customer)
  3. U.S. made cars may need technical modification
  4. After vehicle clears Customs the owner is issued a Hungarian Registration number and the car can be driven in all the states in Europe
  5. Documents required:
  6. Invoice or value-declaration signed by customer
  7. Copy of Passport, Work Permit and Residence Permit
  8. Original Registration Papers
  9. Liability Insurance (not offered by insurance companies for U.S. made cars)
  10. Hungarian Power of Attorney (original with two witnesses signatures)
  11. Bank Guarantee
  12. Copy of Drivers License
Animals and Pets
  1. Valid Veterinary Certificate from origin country is required
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